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In-Game Medical Care

Experience the Future of Healthcare in Gaming with MedQuest: In-Game Therapy

MedQuest | In-Game Medical Care

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Five Stages of MedQuest Development

The development of MedQuest will take place in five stages, each building upon the last to create an innovative in-game medical UI and accessible hospital within the StormRiders ActionVerse. These stages will include the implementation of game-like queuing systems for therapy, group therapy sessions, a zero-knowledge ID blockchain system, blockchain prescriptions, and initial doctor consultations.
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Benefits of Using 2B3D's MedQuest

2B3D's MedQuest is an innovative in-game medical system that not only provides therapy sessions for mental health but also offers the opportunity to explore StormRiders/Actionverse community features such as in-game theatres, arcades, and action sports. By using MedQuest, players can experience the benefits of therapy while immersing themselves in the exciting world of StormRiders.
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Discovering the Full Potential of In-Game Medical

Experience In-Game Medical Care like never before with 2B3D's MedQuest, an innovative telemedicine platform designed to provide accessible therapy sessions within StormRiders, the ActionVerse.
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Accessible Mental Health Treatment

MedQuest provides accessible mental health treatment in the ActionVerse, with the use of in-game medical services that can be accessed on all devices, including VR. Players can visit calming scenes such as the beach to help with mental health issues. The game-like queue system connects users to one-on-one therapist meetings and group therapy sessions, providing a unique and engaging way to receive mental health support. Our program offers free therapy to military veterans, improving their mental health and well-being.
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Connecting You to Medical In-Game

Through MedQuest, players can easily connect with therapists and doctors right from their personal homeroom within the game. The MedQuest UI allows for seamless communication and access to therapy and medical services, providing players with the support they need to improve their mental and emotional well-being. With the added benefits of the ActionVerse community and StormRiders gameplay, MedQuest offers a unique and accessible way to receive mental health treatment that prioritizes convenience, comfort, and privacy.
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Discovering the ActionVerse

By stepping into the ActionVerse, players can unlock new opportunities for self-exploration and personal development. The various quests available, including exploration, music, and art, provide unique and fulfilling experiences that promote relaxation and stress relief. These benefits, combined with the mental health services available through 2B3D's MedQuest, make the ActionVerse an ideal destination for those seeking to improve their well-being and engage in meaningful virtual experiences.