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Unique Digital Collectibles Await
Introducing StormRiders, set to bring a plethora of thrilling in-game items to the table, including ATVs, customizable skateboard decks, surfboards, snowboards, stylish accessories, clothing, and exclusive pro rider avatars. These unique digital assets offer players the opportunity to personalize their gaming experience through a Play-to-Own model, allowing them to truly own a piece of the gaming universe and showcase their individuality.
UDC | Action Sports Trading Card Game
UDC | Skateboard Decks
UDC | Surfboards
UDC | Snowboards
UDC | Pro Rider Avatars
UDC | Clothing and Digital Worn Items

The Next Evolution in Web3 Gaming

The next generation of Play-to-Own action sports MMORPGs is here, utilizing Unreal Engine 5 technology and the Cardano blockchain for its in-game economy. Experience the thrill of snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding in a virtual world where you can earn real-world rewards through in-game activities.
Unreal and Cardano

A Narrative Driven ActionVerse

One Metaverse, Many Games
StormRiders is an immersive MMORPG with an ever-expanding narrative that evolves with its player base. It offers a plethora of challenges, quests, and areas to explore, ensuring a dynamic and exhilarating experience for all players.
An Expading Metaverse
StormRiders has MMORPG Like Features
StormRiders combines the best of action sports with RPG mechanics, allowing players to create and customize their own characters, build their stats through pickups and challenges, and become the ultimate action sports champion in a fully immersive virtual world.
Role-Playing Game
MedQuest In-Game Healthcare

MedQuest: In-Game Healthcare

2B3D is committed to enhancing the player experience through the MedQuest module in StormRiders, offering a revolutionary approach to virtual healthcare services. Through various stages of treatment, including therapy sessions, group therapy, Blockchain prescriptions, and initial doctor consultations, players can access healthcare resources while immersing themselves in the thrilling action sports world of StormRiders.
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