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Embark on a High-Octane Adventure

Master the Elements, Master the Game
Introducing StormRiders, set to bring a plethora of thrilling in-game items to the table, including ATVs, customizable skateboard decks, surfboards, snowboards, stylish accessories, clothing, and exclusive pro rider avatars. These unique digital assets offer players the opportunity to personalize their gaming experience, allowing them to truly immerse themselves in the action and showcase their individuality.
UDC | Action Sports Trading Card Game
UDC | Skateboard Decks
UDC | Surfboards
UDC | Snowboards
UDC | Pro Rider Avatars
UDC | Clothing and Digital Worn Items

The Next Evolution in Web3 Gaming

The next generation of action sports MMORPGs has arrived, powered by Unreal Engine 5 and Blockchain technology. Dive into the thrill of snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding in a virtual world, where engaging in-game activities opens up a realm of endless possibilities.

A Narrative Driven ActionVerse

One Metaverse, Many Games
The ActionVerse is an expansive MMORPG ecosystem with an evolving narrative that interlinks various games, including the thrilling adventures within StormRiders. It provides an array of challenges, quests, and explorable realms, delivering a vibrant and engaging experience tailored to its community.
An Expading Metaverse
StormRiders has MMORPG Like Features
StormRiders merges action sports with RPG elements, enabling players to craft and personalize their characters, enhance their abilities through challenges, and rise as champions in an immersive world. It paves the way for the ActionVerse, offering a foundation for unforgettable adventures.
Role-Playing Game
MedQuest In-Game Healthcare

MedQuest: In-Game Healthcare

2B3D is dedicated to enriching user engagement across the ActionVerse, notably through MedQuest's integration, which reimagines healthcare in a virtual setting. Available throughout the ActionVerse, including StormRiders, MedQuest offers a pioneering blend of healthcare and gaming. Players benefit from comprehensive virtual health services, such as individual and group therapy sessions, blockchain-based prescriptions, and initial consultations, all within the engaging context of the ActionVerse's diverse gaming worlds.
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