Yes Snowboards Shreds into the 2B3D StormRiders Video Game

Action Sports Enthusiasts Rejoice as Iconic Snowboard Brand Brings Its Expertise to the Immersive MMO

Snowboarding fanatics, unite! Your favorite pastime is about to get a whole lot more epic. 2B3D, the developers behind the highly anticipated action sports MMO StormRiders, has just announced a groundbreaking partnership with Yes Snowboards, bringing the legendary snowboarding brand into the virtual world.

Yes Snowboards

For those unfamiliar with StormRiders, it’s an ambitious project that’s poised to revolutionize the way we experience action sports. The game will allow players to shred the gnar in a massive online world, mastering the slopes on snowboards, surfboards, and skateboards. And with Yes Snowboards on board, the snowboarding experience is sure to be next-level.

Yes Snowboards: More Than Just a Logo


Yes Snowboards isn’t just slapping its logo on the game and calling it a day. The team is deeply involved in the development process, working closely with 2B3D to ensure that the snowboarding mechanics are as authentic and satisfying as possible. Players can expect to ride faithfully recreated Yes boards, each with its own unique stats and riding characteristics. Whether you’re a carving enthusiast or a powder hound, there’s a Yes board in StormRiders that’s perfect for your style.

But the integration goes beyond just equipment. Yes Snowboards co-owner DCP (David Carrier Porcheron) is also getting in on the action. He’ll be joining the game as an NPC quest giver, offering players challenges and stories that will deepen their connection to the world of StormRiders. And if you’re lucky enough, you might even be able to shred alongside DCP himself. He’ll have his own authorized avatar, complete with a snazzy checkmark, so you’ll always know when it’s the real deal.

A Match Made in Action Sports Heaven

The partnership between Yes Snowboards and StormRiders is a match made in action sports heaven. Both companies share a passion for innovation and progression, and they’re both committed to creating the best possible experiences for their fans. With Yes Snowboards’ expertise and 2B3D’s cutting-edge technology, StormRiders is shaping up to be the ultimate action sports playground.

So, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, get ready to strap in and shred the gnar in StormRiders. With Yes Snowboards on board, the ride is going to be epic.