Unleashing the Power of Authenticity: Eddie Reategui and Dagger Skateboards


Get ready for an unparalleled skateboarding experience in the 2B3D StormRiders universe as Eddie Reategui and his team of riders from Dagger Skateboards make their grand entrance. Not only will Dagger Skateboards become a prominent brand within the game, but the real-life riders themselves will also have verified avatars, allowing players to witness their incredible skills and catch a glimpse of their actions as they traverse the dynamic ActionVerse of StormRiders.

Real-Life Riders in the ActionVerse

Imagine cruising through the virtual streets of StormRiders and suddenly encountering Eddie Reategui and his team of talented skateboarders in their authentic form. In a groundbreaking move, the riders from Dagger Skateboards will be transformed into non-playable characters (NPCs) within the game. These NPCs will roam the streets, showcasing their signature moves and adding an exciting element of realism to the virtual skateboarding experience.

Verified Avatars: Bringing Authenticity to Life

Eddie Reategui

To further enhance the immersion, Eddie Reategui and the Dagger Skateboards team will have verified avatars in the 2B3D StormRiders universe. These avatars will accurately represent their real-life counterparts, capturing their unique style, skill, and personality. As players explore the ActionVerse, they can spot the verified avatars of Eddie and his team, recognizing their incredible talent and feeling a genuine connection to the skateboarding world.

Interactions and Quests

The presence of real-life riders as NPCs opens up a world of opportunities for players to engage with their skateboarding heroes. Players may encounter Eddie Reategui and his team in various locations throughout StormRiders, where they can interact, chat, and even embark on exciting skateboarding quests. These quests could range from learning new tricks, participating in contests, or joining forces with the riders to tackle thrilling challenges.

Inspiration and Community Building

Having Eddie Reategui and his team of riders as integral parts of the 2B3D StormRiders universe goes beyond the gaming experience. It creates an avenue for inspiration, allowing players to witness the incredible skills and dedication of real-life skateboarders. The presence of these riders fosters a sense of community and camaraderie within the game, as players bond over their shared love for skateboarding and engage in conversations about their favorite riders and moments.

A New Era of Virtual Skateboarding

Eddie Reategui | Dagger Skateboards

The inclusion of Eddie Reategui and the Dagger Skateboards team as NPCs with verified avatars marks a significant milestone in the world of virtual skateboarding. It bridges the gap between reality and the ActionVerse, immersing players in a dynamic and authentic skateboarding environment. The ability to witness the real riders in action and interact with them adds a whole new layer of excitement, elevating the skateboarding experience to unprecedented heights.


Eddie Reategui and Dagger Skateboards bring an unmatched level of realism and inspiration to the 2B3D StormRiders universe. With their presence as NPCs and verified avatars, players can witness the incredible skills of these real-life riders, forging connections with their skateboarding idols and becoming part of a vibrant skateboarding community within the game. As Eddie and his team continue to make their mark in the ActionVerse, the future of virtual skateboarding has never looked brighter.