Steve Saiz: Shaping the Skateboarding Industry and Empowering Communities


In the world of skateboarding, there are few names as influential as Steve Saiz. From his early days as a member of the legendary Powell Peralta Bones Brigade to his current role as a vital part of the 2B3D StormRiders team, Steve has left an indelible mark on the sport. But his impact extends far beyond the realm of skateboarding. Through his artistry and community initiatives, Steve is using his passion to uplift and empower Native American communities across the United States.

A Skateboarding Icon

Steve Saiz

Steve Saiz’s journey began as a member of the iconic Powell Peralta Bones Brigade team, alongside legends like Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen. His innovative style and fearless approach to skateboarding set him apart, earning him a place among the industry’s elite. Steve’s contributions to the sport continue to inspire generations of skaters, and his influence can still be seen in the tricks and techniques used today.

A Force for Change

While Steve’s impact on skateboarding is undeniable, his commitment to community development is equally impressive. Drawing from his Native American heritage, he has dedicated himself to creating skate parks in Native American communities across the country. By providing these spaces for young skaters, Steve aims to foster a sense of unity, empowerment, and cultural pride. His efforts go beyond skateboarding, creating opportunities for self-expression, physical activity, and community engagement.

Artistic Expression

Steve Saiz

Steve’s creativity extends beyond skateboarding and community projects. As an accomplished artist, he uses various mediums to explore themes of identity, spirituality, and cultural heritage. Through his artwork, Steve aims to challenge perceptions, ignite conversations, and promote understanding. His unique artistic vision captivates viewers, inviting them to reflect on the intersection of art, and skateboarding.

Joining the StormRiders

Now, Steve Saiz brings his wealth of experience and passion for skateboarding to the 2B3D StormRiders team. In the immersive world of StormRiders, Steve’s expertise and influence will shape the virtual skateboarding experience, bringing a sense of authenticity and excitement to players around the globe. As a verified avatar, he will guide players on thrilling missions, sharing his knowledge and love for skateboarding while immersing them in the rich history of action sports.


Steve Saiz’s journey from the Bones Brigade to becoming an influential figure in the skateboarding industry is a testament to his talent, resilience, and dedication. His commitment to creating skate parks for Native American communities and his artistic endeavors further exemplify his desire to give back and make a positive impact. As he joins the 2B3D StormRiders team, we can expect Steve to continue pushing boundaries and inspiring the next generation of skateboarders both on and off the virtual ramps.