Riding the Digital Waves: Richie Collins Joins 2B3D StormRiders


Richie Collins

Exciting news is making waves in the gaming and surfing communities as Richie Collins, a highly accomplished and influential surfer, joins the ranks of 2B3D StormRiders (The ActionVerse). With his powerful and dynamic surf style, Richie has carved his name into the annals of surfing history. In this groundbreaking collaboration, Richie not only brings his immense expertise and passion for the sport but also immerses himself in the virtual world as a verified avatar. Players will have the extraordinary opportunity to engage with Richie’s avatar, embarking on thrilling surf quests, challenging his NPC in contest game modes, and even riding the waves alongside the living legend himself.

Richie Collins: A Surfing Icon and Mentor

Richie Collins

With a remarkable track record of victories and accolades, Richie Collins has solidified his position as a surfing icon. His powerful and aggressive surf style has captivated audiences around the world, inspiring a generation of surfers. Now, as part of the 2B3D StormRiders ActionVerse, Richie’s NPC character will take on the role of a quest giver, providing players with unique surf quests that challenge their skills and expand their knowledge of the sport. In addition, Richie’s verified avatar will serve as a guide, leading players on exhilarating action quests that delve into the rich history and culture of surfing.

Surfing Contests and Challenges

In StormRiders, players will have the opportunity to go head-to-head with Richie Collins’ NPC character in contest game modes. By participating in these virtual surfing contests, players can put their skills to the test, striving to outshine the living legend himself. The thrilling competition and realistic wave mechanics will provide an immersive experience, capturing the essence of real-world surfing contests. Whether you’re a seasoned virtual surfer or just dipping your toes into the virtual ocean, challenging Richie’s NPC character will push your abilities to new heights.

Riding the Waves with Richie

One of the most exciting aspects of Richie Collins’ inclusion in StormRiders is the chance for players to join him on action quests. Richie’s verified avatar will take players on adrenaline-pumping missions, guiding them through epic surf spots, and immersing them in the sheer thrill of riding the virtual waves. Along the way, players will have the opportunity to learn from Richie’s wealth of experience, gaining valuable insights into the art and technique of surfing. These quests will provide an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the sport, both in the virtual realm and in real life.


The addition of Richie Collins to StormRiders opens up a whole new world of adventure and excitement for surfing enthusiasts and gamers alike. With his NPC character as a quest giver and opponent in contest game modes, as well as his verified avatar taking players on action-packed quests, Richie brings an authentic surfing experience to the virtual realm. Get ready to paddle out, catch the perfect wave, and ride the virtual ocean alongside the living legend himself. The StormRiders ActionVerse awaits, and with Richie Collins as your guide, an unforgettable surfing journey lies just beyond the horizon.