Hang Ten with the Pros: US Pro Surf Tour Hits the Waves in StormRiders!

Calling all stoked surfers and virtual wave riders! StormRiders, the epic action sports MMO by 2B3D, is making a massive splash as it partners with the new US Pro Surf Tour (USPST)! Get ready to carve pixelated pipelines and ride the waves alongside your surfing heroes in the immersive world of StormRiders.

USPST: Where Surfing Dreams Begin

US Pro Surf Tour

The USPST isn’t just any surf tour; it’s the birthplace of future surfing legends. Now, this legendary tour is venturing into the digital realm, giving players a unique chance to experience the excitement of competing alongside their favorite pros in StormRiders.

Surf Like a Champion in Career Mode

Suit up because the USPST logo means business in StormRiders. In career mode, players can chase their surfing dreams by joining official USPST events, aiming for virtual trophies and leaderboard glory. Catch waves with digital versions of your surf heroes, learn their signature moves, and put your skills to the test against the best in the virtual surfing world.

Ride the Digital Waves at Iconic Spots

Have you ever imagined riding the epic waves that pros conquered at iconic surf spots? StormRiders is about to turn that dream into reality. The game will feature a meticulously recreated digital replica of real USPST locations, complete with their renowned breaks and the electrifying atmosphere of a live competition. Paddle out with your virtual board, feel the digital ocean spray, and experience the adrenaline rush of competing in a world-class surf spot—from the comfort of your own home.

More Than a Game, It’s a Surfing Experience

The USPST’s presence in StormRiders is more than just about competition; it’s about delivering an authentic surfing experience. Players can look forward to regular in-game events inspired by real USPST contests, featuring unique challenges and exciting rewards. Picture yourself mastering signature moves from the USPST pros—in a virtual world that mirrors the real surf experience.

This groundbreaking partnership between 2B3D and the USPST isn’t just a game-changer; it’s a heartfelt tribute to the sport of surfing and its dedicated community. StormRiders offers players the chance not only to play as their surfing idols but to truly live the dream of competing alongside them. So grab your virtual board, wax it up, and get ready to hang ten with the pros in StormRiders!

Cordell Miller | USPST Team