Greg Lutzka Transforms Gaming in 2B3D’s StormRiders

A Skateboarding Icon’s New Chapter

Greg Lutzka

Greg Lutzka, celebrated for his technical prowess and iconic goofy-footed style, brings his expertise to the virtual skate parks of 2B3D’s StormRiders within the ActionVerse. With a career that boasts multiple championship titles, including three Tampa Pro victories and two X-Games gold medals, Lutzka’s entry into the gaming world marks a thrilling expansion of his legacy.

Quest Giver and In-Game Influence

In StormRiders, Lutzka takes on a vital role as a quest giver, guiding players through challenges that blend his real-world skateboarding flair with the game’s dynamic mechanics. His presence adds authenticity and inspiration, offering players unique opportunities to enhance their skills under his mentorship.

Phygital Skateboards and RPG Elements

Greg Lutzka | Walmart Skateboard

A distinctive feature of Lutzka’s involvement is the integration of his skateboard line, available at Walmart, into StormRiders. These boards aren’t just standard gear; they come equipped with RPG-like stats and augmentations that boost player abilities in competitions. This unique blend of physical and digital worlds—phygital—allows players to purchase their in-game boards as physical items through in-game currency or rewards, enhancing their real-world skate collection.

Dual Gameplay Modes

StormRiders caters to a broad range of players with its innovative dual gameplay modes. In the standard career mode, players can compete in trick-for-trick skateboarding contests without enhanced powers, focusing purely on skill and style. For those seeking an elevated experience, the RPG mode utilizes the augmented skateboards to give players a competitive edge, introducing an element of strategic gameplay to the traditional skateboarding contest.

Greg Lutzka’s foray into the ActionVerse with 2B3D is set to redefine the intersections of gaming, skateboarding, and digital commerce, offering both seasoned skaters and newcomers an unmatched virtual skateboarding experience.