From Silver Screen to Virtual Surfing: Robbie Page Joins StormRiders


The StormRiders ActionVerse is about to get an injection of pure stoke as legendary surfer Robbie Page joins the team. With an illustrious career that spans both the silver screen and the roaring waves, Robbie brings a wealth of experience and excitement to this virtual world. From his iconic appearances in surf movies to conquering the waves of the renowned Pipeline Masters, Robbie Page is a true surfing legend. Let’s dive into his remarkable journey as he embarks on a new chapter, riding the digital waves of StormRiders.

Pipeline Masters Triumph

Robbie Page

Robbie’s journey to surfing greatness reached new heights when he emerged victorious at the prestigious Pipeline Masters. Known as one of the most challenging and revered events in the surfing world, this triumph solidified Robbie’s status as a true wave-riding maestro. With his fearless approach, powerful maneuvers, and unparalleled tube-riding skills, Robbie proved that he was not only a silver screen sensation but also a force to be reckoned with on the waves.

Cream Surf Wax: Enhancing the Surfing Experience

Off the waves, Robbie Page is also making waves in the surfing industry with his acclaimed brand, Cream Surf Wax. Hailing from Australia, Cream Surf Wax has become synonymous with high-quality performance and innovation. Designed to provide maximum traction and grip, Cream Surf Wax ensures surfers can push their limits and perform their best on every wave. As Robbie joins the StormRiders team, players will have the opportunity to ride exclusive boards coated with Cream Surf Wax, enhancing their virtual surfing experience with added realism and control.

Riding the Virtual Waves of StormRiders

Robbie Page

Now, Robbie Page is ready to conquer a new frontier as he joins the StormRiders team. With his verified avatar, players will have the opportunity to witness his awe-inspiring surfing skills and authentic style firsthand. Robbie’s presence in the game brings a level of authenticity and excitement that captures the true essence of surfing. Whether he’s carving up massive waves or pulling off gravity-defying tricks, players will experience the thrill of riding alongside a true legend.

A Legacy of Stoke and Inspiration

Beyond his achievements in surfing and his successful surf wax brand, Robbie Page’s influence extends far beyond the waves. Throughout his career, he has inspired generations of surfers with his unwavering passion and infectious stoke for the sport. Robbie’s dedication to preserving the environment and promoting sustainable practices in surfing is also noteworthy, reflecting his commitment to protecting the oceans that have given him so much joy.


Robbie Page’s entry into the StormRiders team is a game-changer, bringing a touch of surfing magic to the ActionVerse. As a surfing icon, movie star, Pipeline Masters winner, and creator of Cream Surf Wax, Robbie embodies the essence of the surfing lifestyle and the pursuit of epic waves. Get ready to paddle out alongside him in StormRiders, experience the thrill of the ride, and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of virtual surfing. Let Robbie’s legacy of stoke and inspiration inspire you to chase your own wave-riding dreams, both in the digital realm and beyond.