Damien Hobgood Rides the Waves into 2B3D’s ActionVerse and StormRiders

Surfing Icon Enters the Digital Realm

Damien Hobgood

Damien Hobgood, celebrated for his mastery of the waves and competitive prowess, has joined 2B3D’s expansive project, the ActionVerse, which includes the thrilling game StormRiders. Known for his remarkable performances in pro surfing, Hobgood brings a wealth of experience and a competitive edge to the virtual surfing world of StormRiders.

StormRiders: A New Surfing Frontier

In StormRiders, players will experience cutting-edge virtual surfing competitions, where Damien serves as both a mentor and a formidable opponent. His inclusion in the game enhances the realism and excitement, offering players a unique opportunity to learn from and compete against one of surfing’s greats.

The ActionVerse: A Convergence of Sports and Gaming

Damien Hobgood

The ActionVerse, the overarching metaverse created by 2B3D, encompasses various sports and gaming experiences, including StormRiders for action sports, Astro Bowl for futuristic 3D football, and MedQuest for gamified healthcare. This diverse ecosystem offers something for everyone, from adrenaline-pumping sports simulations to health and wellness engagements, all within a single interconnected digital universe.

Innovative Features and Phygital Elements

Damien Hobgood’s participation also extends to in-game items linked to real-world products. His signature surfboards, available both in-game with RPG-like attributes and as physical items through phygital purchases, allow players to enjoy a seamless transition between their digital and real-world surfing experiences.

Engaging and Empowering Players

With the addition of legends like Hobgood, 2B3D’s ActionVerse is not just a gaming platform but a community where action sports fans can interact, compete, and grow. Damien Hobgood’s presence in StormRiders promises to elevate the virtual surfing scene, making it a must-visit destination within the ActionVerse.

Damien Hobgood’s entry into the ActionVerse marks a significant milestone for 2B3D, blending the thrill of professional sports with the innovative possibilities of virtual reality. As the ActionVerse continues to evolve, it sets a new standard for immersive, multifaceted online experiences.