Catch a Wave with Surfing Champion CJ Hobgood in StormRiders!

CJ Hobgood: A Surfing Legacy

Ride the digital waves alongside surfing legend CJ Hobgood as StormRiders welcomes this iconic athlete to its virtual realm! CJ Hobgood isn’t just any surfer; he’s a two-time World Champion, a pioneering freesurfer, and an advocate for environmental causes. Born and raised on Oahu’s North Shore, CJ’s life has been intertwined with the ocean, and his remarkable journey has now found its way into StormRiders.

CJ Hobgood Photo

Throughout his illustrious career, CJ has redefined progressive surfing with groundbreaking maneuvers and aerial feats. His accomplishments extend beyond the waves, having graced numerous magazine covers, starred in groundbreaking surf films, and even earned an ESPY Award for Best Action Sports Athlete. But what truly sets CJ apart is his infectious spirit and profound connection to the ocean, which has endeared him to surfers worldwide.

Now, CJ Hobgood brings his wealth of experience and passion to the digital world, becoming an integral part of StormRiders as an NPC (Non-Playable Character). Here’s what players can expect from their virtual encounters with CJ:

  1. Surfing Challenges: Test your mettle against CJ in epic surfing challenges, where you can put your virtual skills to the test and learn from the master himself.
  2. Epic Quests: CJ isn’t just here to shred; he’ll also offer players unique quests that will take you on adventures across diverse surf zones within StormRiders. These quests unlock new gear, skills, and captivating stories.
  3. Verified Avatar: You can trust that CJ’s in-game persona comes with a verified avatar badge, ensuring you’re paddling alongside the real deal.
  4. Surfing Companionship: CJ won’t merely be a passive observer; he’ll be hitting the waves alongside players, sharing invaluable tips, tricks, and the boundless stoke that defines the essence of surfing.

Beyond the virtual waves

The Hobgood Team

CJ Hobgood is known for his involvement in “The Hobgood Team,” a real estate venture founded by CJ and his wife Cortney, brokered by EXP Realty. CJ’s journey began in Florida, where he honed his surfing skills alongside his identical twin brother, Damien. Their exceptional talent led them to professional surfing, with CJ spending an impressive 16 years on the world tour. During this time, he clinched the coveted 2001 World Title and even ventured into the world of entrepreneurship by establishing the clothing company “Salty Crew.”

For a deeper dive into CJ’s fascinating life story as a twin, you can catch the documentary film “And Two If By Sea.” Narrated by comedian Daniel Tosh, this documentary offers an intimate look at CJ’s life and achievements, and it’s available for streaming on platforms like Amazon Prime and Apple TV.

With CJ Hobgood’s arrival in StormRiders, players can experience the thrill of surfing and embark on unforgettable adventures, guided by the wisdom of a true legend. So grab your virtual board, wax it up, and get ready to carve epic waves alongside CJ Hobgood in StormRiders!

CJ Hobgood