Bjorn Leines Joins 2B3D StormRiders: An Epic Adventure Guided by a Living Legend


Bjorn Leines

Exciting news has emerged in the gaming and action sports worlds as Bjorn Leines, a living legend in the snowboard world, joins the 2B3D StormRiders team. Bjorn’s skate-inspired riding style and his exceptional career achievements have inspired riders worldwide for over two decades. In this groundbreaking collaboration, Bjorn not only brings his immense expertise and passion for snowboarding to the game, but he also steps into the virtual realm as a verified avatar of himself. As players embark on epic missions within the Actionverse, Bjorn’s avatar will take them on an exhilarating adventure, sharing his deep wealth of knowledge and mentoring the next generation of riders.

Bjorn Leines: A Living Legend and Mentor

Bjorn Leines

Known for his skate-inspired riding style, Bjorn Leines has graced the covers of snowboard magazines since their inception. His exceptional talent and dedication to pushing the boundaries of snowboarding have earned him the prestigious title of Rider of the Year. Based in Salt Lake City, Bjorn continues to inspire riders globally while mentoring the next generation. His inclusion in 2B3D StormRiders not only adds an authentic touch to the game, but it also allows players to connect with and learn from a true icon of the sport.

A Guided Adventure in the Actionverse

In a groundbreaking twist, Bjorn Leines steps into the virtual world of StormRiders as a verified avatar of himself. As players progress through the game, they will have the extraordinary opportunity to join Bjorn on thrilling missions within the Actionverse. Guided by Bjorn’s avatar, they will experience the heart-pounding excitement of tackling epic snowboarding challenges, riding alongside a living legend. The immersive storytelling and gameplay will provide a unique platform for players to learn from Bjorn’s wealth of knowledge and expertise, gaining invaluable insights into the world of action sports.

Cardiff Snowcraft and In-Game Collaboration

Building upon the collaboration between Bjorn Leines and 2B3D Inc, the inclusion of his brand, Cardiff Snowcraft, further enhances the gaming experience. Cardiff Snowcraft snowboards will be available as in-game items, providing players with the opportunity to ride virtual equipment inspired by Bjorn’s preferences and craftsmanship. Additionally, the Cardiff Metaverse store within the game will serve as a hub for players to explore and acquire virtual snowboarding gear, further immersing them in the world of snowboarding excellence.


The collaboration between Bjorn Leines, Cardiff Snowcraft, and 2B3D Inc in the development of StormRiders represents a groundbreaking milestone for both gaming and action sports enthusiasts. With Bjorn stepping into the virtual realm as a verified avatar, players will embark on an unforgettable adventure, guided by a living legend. As they tackle epic missions within the Actionverse, they will experience the thrill of snowboarding and gain invaluable knowledge from Bjorn’s mentorship. Cardiff Snowcraft’s inclusion adds another layer of authenticity and allows players to ride virtual equipment inspired by Bjorn’s renowned expertise. Get ready to carve your way through the Actionverse and immerse yourself in the captivating world of action sports, led by none other than Bjorn Leines himself.

View Bjorn on the StormRiders team page Here.