VR and the real world surrounding us

Latest XR News – What You Need to Know Today:

With face to face interaction becoming obsolete with every passing day, virtual reality or the metaverse – a computer generated artificial reality where one represents itself and regularly interacts with others – have become the new norm. The latest discussions, as shown by the panel on “Making Friends in the Metaverse”, are on how we can make the metaverse better than even the real world surrounding us. The whole point of metaverse is to connect people as loneliness poses an increasing number of both physical and mental health issues. In order to connect people more effectively, researchers have been putting all their efforts into making the virtual reality not just as good, but even better than the actual reality.

Positivity – the Main Centre point:

VR and The Real World

Shasta Nelson, a TEDx talker and author believes that in the end, we want to build relationships that make us happy or increase our positive emotions. Even if someone has been a long term user of XR or VR, they can leave it in an instant if they encounter some bad experiences. Therefore, there is a need to architect a place where negative emotions such as judgement, failure, and confusion have minimal place. Only then, positive emotions such as compassion, care, and appreciation for others will start to generate among users.

Virtual Events on 3D Platforms – Exciting Possibilities for Getting Immersed:

Having made their name for building games in 3D virtual environments, developers are now focusing on how they can make users even more immersed in virtual reality on 3D platforms. These platforms facilitate conferences, forums, and conventions for both enterprise as well as entertainment purposes. With the lesson learned in 2020 that face to face interaction is to be avoided, virtual reality has become all the more important. Therefore, there is a mounting need for hosting live events through cloud based platforms with excellent virtual quality, enabling millions of users to watch the content without its quality having to suffer. With the use of 3D holograms that move and interact inside the virtual world, the user feels like he is actually a part of the concert or any other event being aired live at that moment.

Now, all eyes are focused on how to recreate the momentum that generates during in-person events. There has always been a mounting need for it even before the measures for social distancing were taken during the past year. Everyone has been talking about bringing the right people together virtually in order to increase productivity or simply to generate the next big idea. So, the next goal for developers is to create such an environment where users can actually feel that they are with other people who are also real. Currently, people interacting with others through games or 3D spatial studios is exciting, but think of what can be achieved by creating a virtual environment that takes everything to a whole new level. Not only will it transform the way people work in a company, it will also prove to be a stepping stone for enhancing productivity and exploring new opportunities.