Reimagining Conferences: How Technology is Creating New Opportunities for Businesses

In recent years, the world of conferences has been revolutionized by new technologies, such as virtual reality and in-game conferences. These new methods of communication have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for businesses and organizations looking to connect with their audiences. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of in-game and VR conferences, and how 2B3D Inc is using these technologies to bring back the old Action Sports Retail conference from the 90’s in StormRiders the ActionVerse.


In-game conferences, also known as virtual conferences, are a new way for businesses and organizations to connect with their audiences without the need for physical spaces or travel. These conferences take place entirely within a virtual world or game, allowing attendees to interact with each other and with presenters in real-time. In-game conferences are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a cost-effective and convenient alternative to traditional conferences.

Similarly, VR conferences allow attendees to attend conferences virtually, with the added benefit of being able to experience them in a fully immersive and interactive way. With the use of VR technology, attendees can interact with virtual environments and objects, and even participate in virtual demonstrations or simulations.

2B3D Inc, the creators of StormRiders the ActionVerse, is taking advantage of these new technologies to re-create the old Action Sports Retail conference from the 90’s. The conference was a trade show for the action sports industry, featuring exhibits, seminars, and presentations. 2B3D Inc plans to re-create this conference within StormRiders, allowing players to attend virtual booths, interact with exhibitors and attendees, and even participate in virtual seminars and presentations.

The benefits of in-game and VR conferences are clear: they offer a convenient, cost-effective, and immersive alternative to traditional conferences. As technology continues to improve, it’s likely that more and more organizations will begin to take advantage of these new methods of communication. With its use of VR and in-game conferences, 2B3D Inc is leading the way in re-creating traditional events in an innovative and engaging way.

We can’t wait to see what the re-created Action Sports Retail conference will look like in StormRiders the ActionVerse. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development!