Apple’s first 8K display VR headset costs around $3,000

A Bloomberg report releases that Apple might be on the verge of releasing a new VR headset. The release is said to be scheduled in 2022 followed by its improvised AR device as well. The VR headset is said to be one of a kind with all the features that any VR enthusiast could ever demand. Its featured design that perfectly anchors the avant-garde technology is rumored to cost anywhere around $3,000. The Bloomberg report read that as it is a mostly virtual device thus it will include all forms of communication and entertainment channels in complete VR mode. The AR functionality of the device will be more limited in this regard.

The VR device’s extraordinary features are one of a kind in the market suggesting a reasonable excuse for their high prices. The Apple VR headset device costs are at this rate said to surpass all others in the market.

The codename of the VR headset is also in the finalization stages and the latest Bloomberg reports are proposing that “N301” will most likely be the name that sticks around; however, it is subject to cancellation.

AR features of the prototype:

To enable the AR features on the headsets some of them are predicted to facilitate external cameras. These cameras are important for Augmented reality or else it may limit the visual space that you can cover virtually through the headsets. These features can be used for hand tracking and considering that the device is said to be one of Apple’s most advanced and powerful chips, the device is most likely to be a standalone VR device with passable AR features.

Problems with the device:

The report further suggested that the weight of the device was another popular issue that the company had to face. This called for a few adjustments in its designs and the final release is said to be close-fitting with very little wiggle room for prescription glasses. So, for the additional prescription inserts, there are most likely to be additional charges. Moreover, the glasses will most likely have a fabric exterior to maintain user-friendliness and long-term usage.

Insights on further releases:

Apple does not tend to be very open about its on-going projects however, it is no secret that they have been manufacturing the AR and VR headsets behind closed doors. A known tech expert leaked back in May 2020 that the apple headsets are most likely to be named “Apple glass”. Jon Prosser declared that Apple glass was data-reliant software that would have cost around $499 and would be released around this time in 2021. If this strategy is true then we are sure to expect a VR headset with limited AR features and then later a full-fledged AR headset. The AR headset is said to be released sometime around 2023. The codename for this follows up the device is most likely to be “N421”. For now, it is believed to be in its early stage of development.