A Decentralized Play-to-earn Multiplayer Game.

2B3D Necronomi: A play-to earn MMORPG where you can own virtual parcels of land, mine for NFTs, connect with friends, and craft new worlds like the Great Old Ones of before. Necronomi will also feature a portal to real-world professional health networks, in case your mind begins to deteriorate once afforded a glimpse of what slumbers outside your perceived reality.

2B3D Episode 01: Necronomi

2B3D Necronomi Play To Earn Game

Earn NFTy Coin in 2B3D’s Decentralized MMORPG: Necronomi

Post-Apocalypitc First Person Shooter meets Space Horror in a MMORPG setting and systems. 5 Person Co-op Dungeon Crawler and Oper World PVP.

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VR Realistic Auction Houes and Galleries

Cliff Chen - Environment Artist | artstation.com/yongchao

2B3D Planned Features

Necronomi Play-to-earn Game

Necronomi PTE MMORPG

The surrounding narrative to 2B3D and the first episode of quests and lore. A PTE (Play to Earn) MMORPG that connects the NFTy-150 NFT network to in game items such as armor, avatars, pets, etc. Players also have access to the 2B3D VRx therapists and doctor network for therapy sessions, initial consults, and prescriptions. Play games, watch movies with friends in the 2B3D ever expanding metaverse and social landscape.

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VR Homroom, Showcase, and Vault

Secured 3D NFT Homerooms, Auctions, and Galleries

With 2B3D get your own personalized homeroom and NFT storage vault. The NFTy-150 NFT network gives you get an endless, secured, and decentralized NFT storage vault attached to your homeroom. Tired of showing your friends a small little picture of your NFT? Then put on that VR headset on and View NFTs in a Realistic VR setting, using the Unreal Engine 5.

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VRx Health Support Network

Health Support Network, Including Therapists

2B3D got its start in with helping veterans with a music rhythm game and now we are proud to offer Free Military Veteran access to therapists for FREE in VR, Mobile, or PC. Our Studio Director is a veteran Combat Medic and we have partnered with the Forge Forward Project to bring a network of therapists to veterans anywhere on the go.

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Bric Simpson

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