VRx Solutions: Saving Veteran Lives

2B3D is dedicated to helping vets find peace and healing through groundbreaking virtual reality technology. You can help us end veteran suicide by purchasing NFTs from our marketplace NFTy-150 or donating to our GoFundMe campaign. Every dollar of donation goes directly to helping veterans. Together, we can save veteran lives. Because we should.

VRx GoFundMe

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Help Veterans by Buying Veteran-Made and Inspired NFTs!

Each NFT is minted with built-in utilities:

  • 5% of every sale is donated to a veteran-owned nonprofit
  • Whitelist unlocked, with first access to future drops
  • Your NFT can be displayed in your virtual showroom, unlocking new aesthetics
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2B3D Planned Features

Necronomi Play-to-earn Game

VRx Mini Games - Necronomi

The Great Old Ones have awakened and it's up to you to stop them.

Necronomi is a first-person shoot 'em up game pitting you against waves of ruthless creatures and colossal Lovecraftian monsters. Use blasters, traps, smart bombs, shields and grappling hooks to survive and defend earth from interdimensional invaders.

Using specific colors and movement patterns, Necronomi can improve blood flow to certain parts of the brain and jumpstart the healing process for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

VR Homroom, Showcase, and Vault

2B3D Metaverse

Get your very own personalized virtual reality homeroom and utility-based NFT storage vault. NFT utilities can include donations to your favorite nonprofits, unlock in-game features, and alter the aesthetics of your personal homeroom. Tired of showing your friends a small little picture of your NFT? Proudly display your NFTs in a realistic virtual reality showroom, using Unreal Engine 5.

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VRx Health Support Network

VRx Solutions

Our Studio Director is a war veteran combat medic dedicated to helping fellow vets in virtual reality. 2B3D is proud to offer military veteran FREE access to our proprietary VR mental health software, called VRx Solutions. VRx provides veterans with a way to step beyond their reality into soothing, virtual environments integrated with neuro cognitive games designed to increase blood flow to the brain and jumpstart the healing process.

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Broken Circle Studios
Bell Medical Solutions
Plus Imaging

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