VRx Solutions

Veterans with PTSD experienced a 56 to 90 percent drop in stress response measurements while using virtual reality, and another 46 percent of veterans no longer screened positive for PTSD.

Additionally veterans will be able to use VRx for socialization through online games like Necronomi, community building in homerooms, and meeting with crisis response managers or mental health therapists in a safe virtual space from anywhere in the world.

Every dollar donated will go directly to building these virtual environments as a FREE resource for our veterans.

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VR Doctor Consults

VR or In-App Initial Consults

We understand the need for medical services in a virtual world as our organization is owned and operated by veterans who are dedicated to helping users find peace through extended reality technologies. VRx is specifically designed for the health community and their families, to strengthen, heal and entertain. With VRx users can request doctor consultations in the privacy of their own homeroom or portal to the VRx Emporium medical facility at any time.

NFT Prescriptions

Mini Games - Necronomi

The Great Old Ones have awakened and it's up to you to stop them.

Necronomi is a first-person shoot 'em up game pitting you against waves of ruthless creatures and colossal Lovecraftian monsters. Use blasters, traps, smart bombs, shields and grappling hooks to survive and defend earth from interdimensional invaders.

Using specific colors and movement patterns, Necronomi can improve blood flow to certain parts of the brain and jumpstart the healing process for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Miltary Veteran Rewards

Military Veteran Rewards For Free Therapy Access

VR succeeds where video conference calls fail. Veterans will be able to reach out to mental health professionals using a customized avatar for more personalized online interactions. We are developing VRx to be more than just a portal to access VR therapy. This is where veterans can rally, regroup, play games, and spend time with friends and family, no matter where they are in the world.