2B3D: VRx

VRx is a portal to real-world professional health networks. With you can meet doctors directly in your homeroom or portal to the VRx Emporium instantly in our VR, DApp, Mobile, or PC game modes.

VR Doctor Consults

VR or In-App Initial Consults

We understand the need for medical services in a virtual world as our organization is owned and operated by veterans who are dedicated to helping users find peace through extended reality technologies. VRx is specifically designed for the health community and their families, to strengthen, heal and entertain. With VRx users can request doctor consultations in the privacy of their own homeroom or portal to the VRx Emporium medical facility at any time.

NFT Prescriptions

NFT Prescriptions

blockchain prescription system will also be part of the VRx Emporium. So users can easily go to that real MRI appointment prescription and not wait for a first real bottleneck appointment. Just get that first consult appointment in the comfort of your home with 2B3D: VRx Emporium.

Miltary Veteran Rewards

Military Veteran Rewards For Free Therapy Access

VR succeeds where video conference calls fail. Veterans will be able to reach out to mental health professionals using a customized avatar for more personalized online interactions. We are developing VRx to be more than just a portal to access VR therapy. This is where veterans can rally, regroup, play games, and spend time with friends and family, no matter where they are in the world.