2B3D Selects Agencies Young Company and PhillComm Global to Launch Metaverse and VRx Solutions

2B3D’s Metaverse boasts industry-first offerings in crypto gaming, NFT showcasing and cutting-edge medical applications, requiring best-in-class marketing and PR partners

Costa Mesa, CA, May 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — Metaverse and VRx pioneer 2B3D has selected Young Company Creative Communications to build out and execute its marketing strategy and PhillComm Global as the public relations firm of record as it introduces its exciting and unique software and development ideas to the crypto space.

“Bringing a Metaverse to the world that will benefit veterans, gamers, and communities alike requires a deep understanding of the current market, effective strategy, and proper marketing plan execution,” said 2B3D CEO Rob Bell. “We’re very excited to be working with Young Company – they really understand our needs, and together, we will do good things.”

The immediate primary marketing goal for 2B3D involves identifying the proper channels with potential customers and clients who will connect most deeply with the 2B3D vision. Once identified, the Company must engage with these markets with an active response, scheduled and consistent NFT drops, rewarding sharing and growing the community, and building wealth together. The program must be actively tracked and monitored to properly fine-tune the marketing strategy for 2B3D, to quickly identify what areas need marketing attention, and to best determine which initiatives are showing the most promise in the 2B3D vision.

PhillComm Global will act as the agency of record for all public relations and investor relations matters as 2B3D scales initially in the veterans’ arena, with an eye toward other at-risk populations where self-harm, suicide, PTSD, and substance abuse are prevalent. “When it comes to public relations – thought leadership, meaningful content and the stuff you want – PhillComm Global was the only choice for us,” said Robert Bell. “Jon Phillips and his team are just the best there is when it comes to capturing a narrative like ours with so many dynamics and moving parts – many of which are pure Web3 concepts, but some of which are traditional in the business and human sense. PhillComm gets the whole story, and they’ll make sure everyone else does, too.”

About 2B3D
2B3D is a decentralized Metaverse with active and developing communities in the cryptoverse. The 2B3D Metaverse includes several projects:
VRx | Virtual healthcare with NFT prescriptions and real life professionals.
NFTy150 | NFT marketplace, minting option and showroom.
Topher’s Inferno | Connecting enthusiastic gamers with ambitious developers.
RestXP | B2B meeting rooms with a resting crypto reward.
So Many Gods |A Play-to Earn, space-themed sci fi looter shooter. Sci-fi
2B3D’s pre-sale NFT is scheduled for later this month, followed by a token drop soon after. Dates are to be announced very soon on Twitter. To learn more about 2B3D, visit us at www.2B3D.com or follow us on Twitter at @2B3Dinc.

About Young Company
Young Company [youngcompany.com] provides a comprehensive set of advertising, marketing and public relations services for clients across all industries. Creative brand building and sharp marketing based upon research and intuition remain hallmarks of the agency. A strong background in web-based advertising helps provide the cutting edge, creative and genuinely innovative marketing solutions that have marked Young Company’s 73-year history and prefigure its indefinite future.

About PhillComm Global
Founded by Jon Lindsay Phillips in 2021, PhillComm Global [phillcommglobal.org] is an elite group of emerging industries PR and marcom masters working with a mix of dynamic startups and larger firms. Expert, award-winning practice areas are primarily B2B and include Web3, new media, adtech, edtech, medtech, cyber, life sciences, cannabis/hemp, sustainability, and more. The Company offers highly bespoke services for visionary business from a team of senior professionals located in New York City and Savannah, Georgia.

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