Escape the craze with NFTy-150.

NFTy-150 is a NFT auction house, NFT minting service, and NFT secure storage system that's part of the 2B3D Play To Earn MMORPG: Necronomi. Invite friends to hang out in your personalized virtual 2B3D homeroom, decorated with your favarite NFTs, or don unique NFT Armor for a dungeon crawl in the darkest reaches of the universe.

Secured NFT Vault

Secured NFT Vault

A secured NFT vault is a default piece of 2B3D and your 2B3D: Necronomi homeroom. The NFT vault is also represented as a 3D vault that's attached to all your personal homerooms. Play in a game-like experience on our PC or mobile application. Use our VR and AR link to view and hold NFT's in full peripheral view. Invite friends to your homerooms and show off all your NFT collectibles.

NFT Galleries and Auction Houses

NFT Auctions Houses

Walk or portal to NFTy-150 auction houses, where you can view NFT 3D auctions in real time using the Unreal Engine 5. AI curators will assist you in the purchase or selling of NFT's. View the auction houses on PC or Mobile in a game-like experience. Tired of just viewing NFT's on a flat screen? With 2B3D you can also use VR and hold your those NFT's in your hands.

2B3D Companion App

NFT Collectibles

View your NFT collectibles the 2B3D companion DApp or 2B3D Necronomi using VR, AR, PC, or Mobiles devices.

NFT Galleries

NFT 3D Galleries and Worlds, all inside 2B3D Necronomi

Play games or visit friends homerooms, art galleries, and more. Some NFTs will include an option to have your homeroom design built around the piece of art presented. Imagine hanging a piece of 1940's art and your homeroom changes to a 1940's style. Coming soon with NFTy-150 and 2B3D Necronomi.