2B3D Episode 01: Necronomi

A Play-to-earn MMORPG with NFTs, Dungeons, PVP, the 2B3D Community, and a Health Support Network

Earn NFTy Coin in 2B3D’s Decentralized MMORPG: Necronomi

Post-Apocalypitc First Person Shooter meets Space Horror in a MMORPG setting and systems. 5 Person Co-op Dungeon Crawler and Open World PVP.

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Earn NFTy Coin

Cliff Chen - Environment Artist | artstation.com/yongchao


2B3D: Necronomi Features

Play To Earn | PTE

Play-to-earn (PTE)

The Play-to-Earn is the latest development in the games industry. It embraces the concept of an open economy and provides financial benefits to all players who add value by contributing to the game world. Earn NFTy Token while you quest, craft, explore, or fight.

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NFT Items and Armor System

Cross-chain NFT Items and Armor System

2B3D will to utilize our own NFT technology called NFTy-150 to maintain transparency and fairness in Necronomi. All the assets in the game such as armor, weapons, and items will be encrypted by NFTy-150, which makes it impossible for users to cheat. with NFTy-150 you get a scalable, decentralized, cross-chain network designed to bring NFTs to everyone.

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Dungeon Crawler and Oper World PVP

Co-op Dungeon Crawler and Open World PVP

Become the hero in this original play-to-earn Space Horror NFT-based RPG Game. Explore a huge open world, raid dangerous dungeons and face powerful HP Lovecraft like monsters. Quest, craft, explore, or fight in this ever expanding narrative. Wander the Necronomi universe solo or in a group with up to 4 other players.

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Community and Health Services

2B3D Community and Health Services

Necronomi will also feature a portal to real-world professional health networks, in case your mind begins to deteriorate once afforded a glimpse of what slumbers outside your perceived reality. With 2B3D: VRx users can request doctor consultations in the privacy of their own homeroom or portal to the VRx Emporium medical facility at any time.

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